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The museum is open from Tuesday - Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 pm.
Statendam 1 (Wilhelminapier), Rotterdam


Gallery of Honour of Dutch Photography

Permanent exhibition

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This One Is For You Serra

Until September 15, 2024

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WOMXN. More than a muze

Until December 31, 2024

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I wish there was colour, I wish there was sound

Until September 15, 2024

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Welcome to the National Museum of Photography

Welcome to the National Museum of Photography, where images speak and stories are told. Every click captures a moment and tells a unique story. Discover our rich collection, admire impressive exhibitions and be inspired by the power of images. Dive into history, celebrate diversity and share the passion for photography with us. The National Museum of Photography welcomes you to the fascinating world of visual stories and timeless images.

Gallery of Honour of Dutch Photography

9 June 2021 11:00-31 December 2025 17:00
In the Gallery of Dutch Photography, 99 iconic photos narrate the story of the evolution of photography in the Netherlands from 1842 to the present day. The Gallery showcases the highlights, innovations, and significant strides photographers have made from the invention of photography to the latest innovations. These photos hold iconic value due to their societal and artistic significance.

WOMXN. More than a muze

8 March 2023 00:00-1 January 2025 00:00
In museums, women are often portrayed as muses in artworks, but the project WOMXN. flips this narrative: women have taken the lead. How do they see themselves? How do they wish to be portrayed? What matters to them? Photographer Sebiha Öztaş has selected 23 women for the WOMXN. project based on the strength they exude and their societal contributions to the city of Rotterdam.

Monica Nouwens | This One Is For You Serra

16 December 2023-15 September 2024
From December 16, 2023, to September 15, 2024, the exhibition "This One Is For You Serra" by Monica Nouwens will be on display at the National Museum of Photography. Monica Nouwens has created a room-filling video installation exclusively for the museum, immersing visitors in the stories of the streets of South East Los Angeles.
At the National Museum of Photography, we annually dedicate special attention to the women in our collection and in the Gallery of Dutch Photography. For too long, the work of women has gone unnoticed. The theme route "Who are the Women in the Gallery?" takes you along ten images that are included in the Gallery of Dutch Photography.

I wish there was colour, I wish there was sound

31 May 2024-15 September 2024
Between 1932 and 1962 Paul Julien made around fifteen journeys to various countries across Africa. Since 2012, artist and researcher Andrea Stultiens has been studying the position of Paul Julien’s oeuvre within the image and imagination of Africa in the 20th century. The exhibition consists of five parts, each focusing on a particular country or region: Liberia, Sudan, Sierra Leone, a Batwa community living in the Virunga mountains, and Ethiopia. 

Summer at Nederlands Fotomuseum

13 July 2024 11:00-25 August 2024 17:00
Discover the world of photography this summer! From July 13 to August 25, 2024, we are organizing super fun activities. You can get creative and take photos without a camera, or learn the tricks of the trade to take the best photos yourself.

Exhibition: Je moest eens weten

28 September 2024-25 May 2025
From the late 1960s, the first women from Turkey came to the Netherlands to build a new life here. What were their lives like? We know very little about it. The exhibition 'Je moest eens weten' ('You should know') 'and the publication of the same name by photographer and artist Çiğdem Yüksel tell the stories of these women.

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On December 24th and 31st, the museum is open from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

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Summer at Nederlands Fotomuseum
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