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Unofficial | Lucia Nimcova


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    Lucia Nimcova's Unofficial is two books in a cardboard box which question the legacy of socialism in Nimcova's hometown of Humenné, Slovakia.
    One book is of mostly black and white photographs made throughout the 1980s by Juraj Kammer - a contracted professional photographer who documented social and political events.

    The other book is made of contemporary color photographs taken by Lucia Nimcova, some of which comment on the imagined political power and lack of credible influence indicative of the town's leaders.


    Aantal pagina's: 2 boekjes van 56 bladzijden in cassette

    Foto's: 40+

    Formaat: 15 x 19 cm (staand)

    Bindwijze: softback

    Taal: Engels

    Uitgever: Zoneattive Edizioni

    ISBN: 9788889303085

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