Unheimlich Vertraut / The Uncanny Familiar | Aleida Assmann


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    A masked man looking down from a balcony. A plane flying into a skyscraper. The pictures instantly surface in our minds and we know exactly what events they refer to. Pictures have a tremendous impact. They capture the crucial moment, prompt public debates and precipitate thoughts and reactions.

    Images of terror have a huge, lasting and uncontrollable influence that no-one can escape from. They are omnipresent and deeply impressed in our collective memory. Munich 1972 and New York 2001 are the dates that form the beginning and end of the book and exhibition at C/O Berlin. Their design was structured around the times and places of these landmark terrorist attacks.


    Aantal pagina's: 384

    Foto's: 50+

    Formaat: 21,6 x 19,7 x 4,4 cm

    Bindwijze: hardback

    Taal: Engels / Duits

    Uitgever: Walther Konig

    ISBN: 9783863350826

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