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Tristes Tropiques | Laurence Aëgerter



  • Beschrijving

    The images from the seminal publication Tristes Tropiques by the French cultural anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss are the source of this project. These photographs of Brazilian tribes were re-enacted 80 years later in Beesterzwaag, a village in the Dutch province of Friesland. This project was realised in close collaboration with the inhabitants of Beesterzwaag (NL). This project resulted in an artist’s books and a series of autonomous photographs.

    Using this ‘counter exploration’ through space and time, the continuity of human expression and cultural exchange is emphasized.

    Aantal pagina's: 56 (twee boekjes gebundeld in pvc omslag)

    Formaat: 21 x 15 cm (staand)

    Bindwijze: Softcover, gelijmd

    Taal: -

    Uitgever: Filigranes Paris

    ISBN: 9791090306165

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