Supercell | Kevin Erskine


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    At the age of twelve, Kevin Erskine (*1956 in Sharpsburg, Illinois) witnessed his first big storm: a category 4 tornado with wind speeds of over 207 miles per hour raged through the center of his hometown of Hoskins, Nebraska. Fascinated and inspired by this immense force of nature, Erskine began taking his first photographs with his father's camera.
    His passion for photography and respect for nature still motivate him to capture supercells with his large-format camera. The images depict enormous cloud masses in continually different formations-be it before a thunderstorm, during a tornado, shined on by the red evening sun, or forebodingly dark purple or black by night.
    Erskine masterfully demonstrates the ambivalence between the terrifying force of nature and its stunning beauty.

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