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    With impressive precision, the various photo series by Nikki S. Lee depict women from different levels of society. Whether they are feature ladies from the finest Parisian circles or "white trash" in American trailer parks, Lee's staged pictures always capture the characteristics of each group.

    Nikki S. Lee. Parts contains the most recent works by the New York conceptual artist, who was born in 1970 in Kye-Chang, Korea. They are perfidious double portraits of pairs, where the usually male partner is missing, has been removed, cut off. These "half" images clearly and disturbingly point out the empty spots, the striking dependencies, and the way that women even today predominantly define themselves through their partners. Without these partners, the self-portraits the women project outward remain incomplete.

    Aantal pagina's: 96

    Foto's: 40+

    Formaat: 23 x 28 cm

    Bindwijze: hardback

    Taal: Engels

    Uitgever: Hatje Cantz

    ISBN: 9783775716727

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