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No. 235 Encyclopaedia of an Allotment | Anne Geene



  • Beschrijving

    Winner of the ING New Talent Award 2014

    Inspired by science but without scientific pretensions, Dutch photographer Anne Geene’s personal observations are selected and captured with meticulous precision and attention to detail. She investigates the surprising wealth of flora and fauna found in an allotment garden (no. 235, with an area of 245 square metres) located in Rotterdam, one of the most urbanised areas of the Netherlands. It contains leaves, flowers, insects, amphibians and more, painstakingly documented using techniques ranging from salt printing to microphotography. Geene’s art of observation is masterful, and has produced a complete compendium in this single volume: a photographic universe.

    Aantal pagina's: 192

    Foto's: kleurenfoto's

    Formaat: 17 x 24 cm (staand)


    Taal: Engels

    Uitgever: De Hef

    ISBN: 9789069060477

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