Life in the Dark. Illuminating Biodiversity in the Shadowy Haunts of Planet Earth


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    Deep inside caves, at the bottoms of oceans and lakes, beneath the ground: these concealed habitats are absent of sunlight. This strange and fascinating world of complete darkness is not a solitary place—it is inhabited by millions of life forms. Yet most humans—creatures of daylight—have never seen any of them. Until now.

    In this fascinating—sometimes eerie—book, extreme wildlife photographer and scientist Danté Fenolio brings the denizens of these shadowy haunts into focus. Life in the Dark shows us the many ways in which life forms have adapted to lightless environments, including refinements of senses, evolution of unique body parts, and illumination using "biological flashlights."

    With more than 200 mesmerizing color photographs, Life in the Dark unveils bizarre creatures like the firefly squid, the giant Amazonian catfish, the Chinese cavefish, and even the human bot fly, which lives in the darkness beneath its host’s skin. Fenolio’s rich and vibrant images shed new light on the world’s fascinating creatures of darkness.

    Danté Fenolio, a zoologist, biologist, and wildlife photographer, is the director of conservation and research at the San Antonio Zoo.

    "With brilliant photography and illuminating words, this book truly opens the dark worlds of life for all to reflect upon and enjoy."

    — George Rabb, president emeritus, Chicago Zoological Society, and former director, Brookfield Zoo

    "As a career-long deep-sea researcher, I often get lost in the technicality of the field and its fauna. It is through masterful works such as Life in the Dark that I can step back and take in the sheer beauty of the forms of life so ubiquitous, yet so unknown, on our planet. Danté Fenolio’s eye for pictorial composition is not just among the best there is, it is among the best that ever was, and I believe I have seen just about every deep-pelagic image that is publicly available. These ‘twilight’ and ‘midnight’ environments are incredibly complex, yet the descriptions in this work are concise and clear. The attention to detail should serve as a benchmark for future works of its kind. Life in the Dark is destined to be a classic."

    — Tracey T. Sutton, Nova Southeastern University

    "That infernal Danté has done it again. He has created a series of photographs so beautiful that it is impossible for us to imagine these creatures otherwise, but this time we also get to read his words. Knowing that you cannot care about things you’ve never seen, he uses his talents to present compelling images of animals that elude us because they do not live in the daylight as we do. And through this awareness, he hopes that you begin to care, and that through this caring you will act to conserve. It is a powerful argument, one I hope that you will heed."

    — Michael J. Lannoo, editor of Amphibian Declines: The Conservation Status of United States Species


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