IMAGINATION | Guinevere Ras & Aya Musa (ENG Catalogus)


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    When we talk about the photographic heritage of the Netherlands and about Dutch photography, what photography and which makers are we actually talking about? And who don’t we talk about? Whose heritage is accorded recognition and the right to be in the museum and whose heritage is ignored?

    The Nederlands Fotomuseum aims to be a major social player. As a national treasure house and display space, the museum collects and exhibits photography that reflects the world we live in and addresses urgent issues. But who represents whom in society and in photography?

    For Imagination, 23 lens-based artists have been selected for their highly independent attitude to the way they present their relationship to the world. The works are presented separately from the names of the makers and without any initial context. In this way, the exhibition & catalogue challenges you to think about perceptions, identity and representation and about how you yourself relate to these issues. But, above all, Imagination shows works that are a visual delight and that relate to each other in unexpected ways.

    AiRich / Abubakr Akkari / Jan Banning / Marwan Bassiouni / Eliza Bordeaux / Sara Blokland / Florian Braakman / Muhcine Ennou / Ferdows Faghir / Raquel van Haver / Thana Faroq / Benjamin Li / Tanja Heintjes / Pablo Lerma / Kevin Osepa / Michelle Piergoelam / Nael Quraishi / Farah Rahman / Julius Thissen / Rosa Verhoeve / Nan Wang / Baha Görkem Yalım / Yanxian Zhao

    Authors (s): Guinevere Ras, Aya Musa, Birgit Donker, Lodewijk dros and the participating artists.


    AiRich, Abubakr Akkari, Jan Banning,
    Marwan Bassiouni, Eliza Bordeaux, Sara Blokland,
    Florian Braakman, Muhcine Ennou,
    Ferdows Faghir, Raquel van Haver, Thana Faroq,
    Benjamin Li, Tanja Heintjes, Pablo Lerma,
    Kevin Osepa, Michelle Piergoelam, Nael Quraishi,
    Farah Rahman, Julius Thissen, Rosa Verhoeve,
    Nan Wang, Baha Görkem Yalım, Yanxian Zhao

    Language : English (Dutch edition available)

    Pages: 150

    Size: 297 x 236 mm

    Version: Paperback / Wire-o

    ISBN: 9789462264472

    Year: 2022

    Publisher: Lecturis x Nederlands Fotomuseum

    Design: Kummer & Herrman