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Hush | Noa Ben-shalom


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  • Beschrijving

    This photobook tells the story of a society living through a recurring loop of violent outbursts, in which, time and again, life is shattered into pieces and reconstructed.

    Photographer Noa Ben-Shalom chooses not to picture the more obvious scenes of direct violence, instead bringing into focus the subtle way the apparently never-ending conflict between Israel and Palestine has permeated all aspects of life in the two regions – almost without being noticed. Through poignant personal correspondence (in English, Arabic, and Hebrew) and images gathered between 2000–2014, Ben-Shalom enables quiet introspection within a landscape in which the absurd has become the norm.

    Aantal pagina's: 312

    Foto's: 100+

    Formaat: 17 x 24 cm

    Bindwijze: softback

    Taal: Arabisch / Engels / Hebreeuws

    Uitgever: Sternthal

    ISBN: 9780992133733

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