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    They will likely be extinct in the next 100 years: red haired children.

    At least that rumour goes around. Multiple stories, facts and myths about red haired people are circulating the world.

    For a number of years I’m intrigued by red haired children; their beautiful pale skin, almost transparent, with clusters of freckles, their red/orange hair and their bright light eyes. I find these children breath taking and magical. For centuries they’re worldwide in the interest among writers, painters and photographers. That’s not surprising, when you consider that only two percent of the world’s population carries this unique natural hair color.

    That interest was not always positive. In the Middle Ages it was thought that redheads were bewitched; or that they were vampires or werewolves. In those days they often died at the stake.

    In 2008 I started to turn my admiration and fascination into portraits. Until today, I’ve photographed many children in the Netherlands, the United States and Ireland. After 6 years I’ve even portrayed some kids for the second time. I hope to publish my first book with these beautiful children in 2016.

    Edition of 500, numbered.
    Design by Teun van der Heijden, Heijdens Karwei Amsterdam, introduction by Melanie McWhorter, Santa Fe (NM) USA and poem by Marc Eyck.

    Aantal pagina's: 104

    Formaat: 30 x 24 cm

    Bindwijze: hardcover

    Taal: Engels

    Uitgever: selfpublished

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