Feest ! Ed van der Elsken the book he never published | English Edition


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    Around 1960, Ed van der Elsken (1925-1990) put together a photobook on the theme of feest (feast). Drawing from both old and new work, he produced a design that is a sequence of festive occasions: fun, celebration, dancing, music, fairs, carnivals, excitement and euphoria, but also drunkenness and exhaustion in the wee hours. He combined the individual photographs into sparkling and rhythmical pairings, so that a genuine sense of joy emanates from the pages. At the time, for reasons unknown, the design was left on the shelf.

    The design for feest was one of the great surprises in Van der Elsken’s legacy, which was acquired by the Rijksmuseum and the Nederlands Fotomuseum in 2019. Now, sixty years after the photographer worked on the design with scissors and tape, this lively book is being published after all, in the format he had in mind.

    Taal: English (Nederlandse  editie verkrijgbaar)

    Pagina's: 224

    Afmetingen: 11,5 x 17,5 cm

    Uitvoering: softcover

    ISBN: 9789462086074


    Uitgever: Rijksmuseum x Nederlands Fotomuseum

    Distributie: Nai010 Publishers

    Ontwerp: Irma Boom Studio