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Domestic Slavery | Raphaël Dallaporta



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    In Domestic Slavery Dallaporta and Millot address an often-ignored social wrong that is related to issues of human trafficking: modern slavery. Dallaporta’s cold and stark images of ordinary-looking buildings in and around Paris, are combined with Millot’s texts to become chilling portraits of hidden agony.

    'Although Raphaël Dallaporta describes himself as a documentary photographer, his principal subject matter is the invisible. DOMESTIC SLAVERY (a slippery theme, photographically) is a cold succession of clinically shot façades (housing the scenes of the title’s crimes), offset by a facing-page text relaying each victim’s torment. An unbound folder of 24 pages, Domestic Slavery boasts a bold design: the reader must remove each page in order to make the connection between the text and the corresponding image. Domestic Slavery challenges the customary book format, revealing these tragedies while raising questions about the link be tween appearance and reality.'


    Aantal pagina's: 24

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    Formaat: 21 x 29,7 cm

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