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    Clever Eyes is a collection of experiments devised to come closer to the image of the invisible spirits culminating in the “greatest” spirit we often call god. It is a wunderkammer of the invisible in which each photo can be seen as an artefact of this taciturn realm. The maker was well aware that the project is doomed to fail from the start, it is after all inherently impossible to photograph the invisible. However this is the crux of the project. How we want to see the invisible perhaps says more about us than how we explain the visible. It is onto this realm we project how we want our desires and fears to look like. We are image addicts, we can’t do without and even when we are told that there is no image we battle this. We are an animal specie that creates a concept and the fiercely tries to combat the very essence of it. Clever Eyes is an exploration of this curious human behaviour.

    Lana Mesic (1987, CR) is a documentary photographer who explores the realm
    of the invisible. Most of her work centers on the exploration of photography as a construct and the boundaries between reality and illusion. She is captivated by things that have no image but also by the innate human desire to visualize these imageless phenomena. She considers the use of photography to do so as a certain kind of alchemy.
    One of the main issues Mesic raises is how we, as humans, deal with the idea of invisibility and how this reflects on the world we live in. We tend to project desires and fears onto invisible worlds and as such it becomes a reflection of our inner selves. This curiosity stems from a subjective personal experience with the invisible which is then concentrically expanded and manifests itself as an ongoing investigation of the nature of reality. Is it out there or is it a construct of our minds?
    Recently she has been focusing on projects that question the role of photography. In these projects (taking place most recently in Rwanda and São Paulo) she explores the capacity of photography to make the world a better place and searches for means how to do so.

    In 2013 Mesic was long listed for the Dutch Doc Awards, went to Plat(t)form Winterthur and participated in Pirelli Photo Biennial in Oscar Niemeyer Museum, Curitiba. In 2014 she was nominated for the New Talent Photography Award ING. Her project Anatomy of Forgiveness, for which she collaborated with Creative Court, was exhibited in The Hague, New York ,Tokyo, Kigali and Zagreb

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