Before they perished | Photographs found in Auschwitz


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    The album comprises a choice of photographs brought to Auschwitz by Jews, condemned by the Nazis to be exterminated. Around 2400 photographs, a unique collection, were found on the premises of the camp after its liberation. Nothing is known about their survival. The collection covers pictures, representing various scenes from the life of the Jewish families from before the war: everyday work, weddings, births, classes and youth organizations, holidays spent with families or friends. It took several years to identify some of the shots. The biggest part show Jewish families from Zagłębie, Będzin, Sosnowiec and neighborhood. There are also photos from other cities, among others from Warsaw, Łódź, Lipsk, or Olomouc. Some family names were identified: the Broders, Kohns, Koplowiczs, Małachs, Sztrochlics, Hupperts - they are people who are no more.

    The publication is in the shape of an album with family shots. It is complemented by a booklet presenting the stories of given photos, the fate of particular families, and names of the people in the photos. The Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum and the Fritz Bauer Institute co-operated closely when preparing the edition. The book was sponsored by German Federal States.

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