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    The winter issue of Aperture, “On Feminism,” arrives at a moment when the power and influence women hold on the world stage is irrefutable, and the very idea of gender is central to conversations about equality across the country, and around the globe. “On Feminism” focuses on intergenerational dialogues, debates, and strategies of feminism in photography and considers the immense contributions by artists whose work articulates or interrogates representations of women in media and society. Across more than one hundred years of photographs and images, “On Feminism” underscores how photography has shaped feminism as much as how feminism has shaped photography.

    Brian Wallis on Leonard Freed’s Black in White America, 1968

    Eli Durst’s In Asmara by Alexandra Pechman

    By Martha Rosler

    Maria Nicolacopoulou on Athens

    Object Lessons
    Les Femmes de l’Avenir, 1900–1902

    On Feminism
    Contributions by Catherine Morris, Zanele Muholi, Laurie Simmons, Johanna Fateman, Zackary Drucker, and A. L. Steiner

    Modern Women: David Campany in Conversation with Marta Gili, Julie Jones, and Roxana Marcoci
    The artists who redefined the course of twentieth-century photography

    The Feminist Avant-Garde
    In self-portraiture and body art, experimental pioneers of the 1970s
    By Nancy Princenthal

    Sex Wars Revisited
    Lesbian erotica as critical rebellion
    By Laura Guy

    A Taste of Power: Renée Cox in Conversation with Uri McMillan
    From Angela Davis to Beyoncé, the icons and avatars of black style

    History Is Ours
    The legacy of protest in video and performance
    By Eva Díaz

    On Defiance
    How women have resisted representational photography
    By Eva Respini

    Beyond Binary
    New visions of trans feminism
    By Julia Bryan-Wilson

    Our Bodies, Online
    Feminist images in the age of Instagram
    By Carmen Winant

    Cosey Fanni Tutti
    Introduction by Alison M. Gingeras

    Gillian Wearing
    Introduction by Jennifer Blessing

    Yurie Nagashima
    Introduction by Lesley A. Martin

    Hannah Starkey
    Introduction by Sara Knelman

    Katharina Gaenssler
    Introduction by Yvonne Bialek

    Josephine Pryde
    Introduction by Alex Klein

    Laia Abril
    Introduction by Karen Archey

    Farah Al Qasimi
    Introduction by Kaelen Wilson-Goldie

    Martine Syms
    Introduction by Amanda Hunt

    Elle Pérez
    Introduction by Salamishah Tillet

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