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Purple Heron, Nol Binsbergen


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    Photographer: Nol Binsbergen
    Title: Purple Heron, Belt-Schutsloot (1940)
    Year: 1940
    Dimensions of the image: 53 x 40 m
    Paper size: 61 x 46 cm.


    Photographic print 
    From the many photographs in its collection, the Museum has made a selection that is for sale in the form of digital prints. These beautiful photographic prints are printed on high-quality and durable photographic paper: 300 gram HP Satin Photo Paper. The photographer's name is printed on the white edge.

    Preservation tip
    It is advisable not to hang your photograph in direct sunlight, in a damp space or over a heating appliance. Photographs retain their optimum condition when hanging in a space where variations in temperature and humidity are kept to a minimum.

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