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Guaranteed Real Dutch Congo | Cas Oorthuys


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    Title: Guaranteed Real Dutch Congo
    Photographer: Cas Oorthuys /
    Authors: Aad Speksnijder / Lieve Joris
    Publisher: Duo / Duo
    Pages: 166
    ISBN: 9072971116
    Language: Dutch / English / French

    Cas Oorthuys' photo archive numbers some 500,000 negatives, including about 7,000 negatives of the Belgian Congo. Oorthuys took these photographs in 1959, commissioned by the Belgian Government Information Service. Most of them are of people, but there are also landscapes, rivers, cities, villages and jungles. As well as pictures of inhabitants of the Belgian Congo, you will see fabric designs worn during that period. For years these cotton prints had been exported to Africa under the trade names of 'Guaranteed Dutch Wax Vlisco' and 'Véritable Wax Hollandais Vlisco'. 

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