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Dream in the Wood | Ata Kandó


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    Title: Dream in the Wood
    Photographer: Ata Kandó
    Author:  Thomas Kandó
    Publisher: Uitgeverij xpublishers B.V / Uitgevers Roy Kahmann,  Peter Bas Mensink en Dirk Smit
    Pages: 44
    ISBN: 9789081892827
    Language: Dutch, with additional English and Hungarian translations

    In 1957, Ata Kandó book Dream in the Wood was published, a photo-fantasy featuring her three children. Ata travelled with them through the European Alps to shoot the series. The dreamy and sometimes mystical scenes are shot in perfect black and white. To celebrate Ata Kandó 100th this facsimile of the book is published with additional Englisch and Hungarian translations.

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