Jean Cocteau, Gerrit Kiljan

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    Photographer: Paul Schuitema
    Title: The face of Jean Cocteau through a glass
    Year: 1930

    Gerrit Kiljan (1891-1968) is one of the photographers from the collection of the Nederlands Fotomuseum.

    Fibre-based photo print
    This photograph has been hand-printed in the darkroom of the Nederlands Fotomuseum. This has been done directly from the original negative on top-quality photographic paper, so-called fibre-based paper. This way of printing makes it possible to print the photograph exactly according to the photographer's original idea.

    Preservation tip
    It is advisable not to hang your photograph in direct sunlight, in a damp space or over a heating. Photographs retain their optimum condition when hanging in a space where variations in temperature and humidity are kept to a minimum.

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