Are you looking for an attractive photo for your living room wall? Do you want to supplement your private collection with an unusual photo? Or offer an exceptional business gift? The Nederlands Fotomuseum provides the opportunity to order fibre-based prints of the photos in the collection.

The photos are printed by the museum’s own photographer, on high-quality barite paper in the darkroom. In doing so, he takes into account the way in which the photographer himself would have printed the photo. The hand of this ‘master printer’ guarantees that all original nuances of the photographic image are easily recognized and nothing is lost. The photos are not produced in limited editions but they bear an impression of a blind stamp of the Nederlands Fotomuseum. Normally, the photo section is printed as large as possible on a sheet of paper. However, account should be taken of a minimum margin of approx. 1 cm.

Choose from the more than 3 million negatives
The museum has a total of more than 3 million negatives in its collection, of which more than 110,000 have been digitized. You can view the digitized pictures in the picture databank. If you do not find your favourite photo there, then you can come to the museum and make your own choice (by appointment). More than 3 million negatives are available to you. You will find a photo related to almost every conceivable topic.

The museum also has expert members of staff who can search through the collection at your request to find the required or desired photo(s). This may involve extra costs, which will be discussed with you in advance of course.

The prices of a print of your choice differ from the prices of the photos in the selection. In the case of exceptional orders, the costs of searching may also be included. These extra costs will be discussed with you in advance. Delivery time amounts to approximately ten working days.

Ordering fibre-based prints online
You can order most pictures in the picture databank as a barite print. The photos displayed with a shopping trolley are for sale. You can order them directly online via the webshop. The delivery time is approximately ten days. It will be self-evident that the members of staff of the Photo Sales Unit will be only too pleased to assist you. If you wish to order several photos, we advise you to get in touch with the Sales Unit.

The prices of the fibre-based prints depend on the photographer and the desired format.

Prices are the same as those for comparable size barite prints.

Standard sizes

Square or rectangular image negatives (exact measurements depend on the selected area)

30,5 x40,6 cm (A3)28 x 28 cm / 25 x 38 cm€ 290,00
40,6 x 50,8 cm38 x 38 cm / 32 x 48 cm€ 375
50,8 x 61,0 cm (A2)48 x 48 cm / 38 x 58 cm€ 455

From square negative film (6x6)

60 x 60 cm60 x 60 cm€ 490
80 x 80 cm80 x 80 cm€ 595

From rectangular negative film (35mm; 4x5”)

60 x 90 cm (A1)60 x 90 cm€ 550
80 x 100 cm80 x 100 cm€ 675

From panoramic-size film

100 cm100 cm wide (x 30 cm)€ 675
120 cm120 cm wide (x 40 cm)€ 755
150 cm150 cm wide (x 50 cm)€ 850

Prices are inclusive of VAT (21%) but exclusive of framing and postage.

The museum is not allowed to sell some – or all – of the work by some photographers in the collection. Some prints may not be sold without permission from the photographer or his/her heirs. This applies to photos by Ed van der Elsken (sales by Annet Gelink Gallery), Aart Klein, Peter Martens, Sanne Sannes, Bertien van Manen and Ad van Denderen.

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