Information leaflet on loans 2019
Applications for loans should be made in writing and addressed to the director of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, Mrs. Birgit Donker. As enclosures, please add a specified list of the objects concerned, a statement of the manner of exposure (flat, sloping or hanging), your wishes concerning passe-partout and framing.

A recent facilities report of all planned venues is necessary in order to decide on your application. Applications should be made at least 6 months before the opening date of the exhibition.

You will be informed as soon as possible whether your application will be granted, as well as about the terms and the costs of the loan. The maximum exhibition period is three months.

Costs for the loan consist of the following:

Handling per object
For each object on loan the Nederlands Fotomuseum charges a standard fee for handling. These costs include actual handling, administration, check of the condition and the preparation of condition reports. In case of extraordinary objects a different sum may be charged.

 Handling, standard fee per object  €125,00

Material care
Photographs will only be given on loan while being framed. The borrower is not permitted to take photographs out of the frame. The frames should be exhibited fixed to the wall. Dummies, drawings, books, magazines and documents will only be given on loan being mounted and may only be exposed in locked show cases.

Costs involved for framing, matting and mounting are for the expense of the borrower.
 Passe-partouts, excl. labour costs  €30,- per object
 Assembling and disassembling (labour costs) up to 10 objects:  €400,- 
 Assembling and disassembling (labour costs) up to 25 objects:  €800,- 
 Mounting of dummies, documents etc.: (labour costs and materials):  €50,- per object                               

When necessary costs for treating or restoring objects will be charged according to the actual time involved.

Packing and transport
Costs for packing and transport will be charged to the borrower. Transport should be carried out by art carriers which are approved by the Nederland Fotomuseum, such as Hizkia van Kralingen, Kortmann Art Packers or Crown Art Packers.

 Packing and transport costs cost price

Borrower himself may take care of transport by car, if a written mutual agreement has been made. This is only permitted by at least one driver and one co-driver, one of which should be employed by the borrower and authorised to sign for receipt of the objects, accompanies the transport.

Borrower is liable for all costs for insurance on an ‘all risks policy’ at a ‘nail-to-nail’ basis. Borrower takes care of the insurance and sends a copy to be agreed upon to the Nederlands Fotomuseum, prior to the outward transport.

Details concerning the insurance value are strictly confidential and borrower will not pass these on to other parties.

In principle the loan will not be accompanied by a courier. In case this is considered necessary however, the following fees will be charged:

 Courier costs:  €150,00/per half-day 
 Traveling expenses:  cost price

The costs involved will be invoiced by the museum, no direct money transfers are made between borrower and courier.

Temporary checks and the changing of objects
In case of long term loans it may occur that objects vulnerable for lighting and climate influences should be swapped after a certain period. In case such a swap is necessary the costs involved will be charged to the borrower. The fees are the same as those mentioned above for packaging, transport and courier.

For any kind of publication of the objects on loan, only (digital) images may be used which are provided by the lender. If professional images are not yet available, these will be made by a free-lance professional photographer for the Nederlands Fotomuseum. In that case the cost price will be charged.

Digitizing costs:
 Scan costs for publications  €21,00 per scan
 Scan costs for blow-ups  €65,00 per scan

Costs for new prints on fibre based paper, depending on the size of the print:
30x40 cm.  €70,00 per print
40x50 cm.  €90,00 per print
50x60 cm.  €100,00 per print

Copyrights and credits / Intellectual ownership
For the use of photographs in relation to the exhibition (catalogues, publicity material etc.) a fee will be charged. Borrower will consult with the Nederlands Fotomuseum or other rightful claimants, about the allowance to use the material.

The Nederlands Fotomuseum manages the archive and the copyright for a number of photographers/descendants/copyright holders. The museum has contractual agreements to charge a copyright fee for use of the material. Earnings from copyrights are shared between the photographers/descendants/rightful claimants and the Nederlands Fotomuseum and are used by the museum to take care of the collection. Borrowers are obliged to look for and contact other rightful claimants themselves. Our fees can be viewed at our page photographs for publications

In catalogues, exhibition texts, invitations and all other information for the public the name and logo of the lender must be mentioned as following:

© [name of the photographer], Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Borrower provides two free copies of the exhibitions catalogue to the Nederlands Fotomuseum. From all other printed matters in which the loan is mentioned, the Nederlands Fotomuseum would also like to receive one copy.

NOTE In Europe all fees are without VAT in case the VAT-number of the borrower is stated. Otherwise 21% VAT will have to be charged.

Your loan request should be sent to:
Nederlands Fotomuseum
tav Birgit Donker
Wilhelminakade 332
3072 AR Rotterdam
The Netherlands 


Gebouw Las Palmas Statendam 1 (Wilhelminapier), Rotterdam +31 (0)10 203 04 05

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