Do you want a beautiful photograph on the wall of your living room? Would you like to supplement your private collection with a special photograph? Or are you looking for a special promotional gift? The Nederlands Fotomuseum offers you the opportunity to order prints of almost all photographs in the collection.*

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Digital Print (inkjet print)

A digital print can be made from a negative or slide. This form of printing can be used for both black and white and color photography. Digital prints are printed by us with an inkjet printer on photo paper: Innova Exhibition Photo Baryta 310 gsm. The paper format is always 61 x 46 cm, printed with a white border. The photographer's name and negative number are printed small in the white border.

Top selection of photos from the collection

Which image should you choose? To make the choice easier and to provide you with a faster service, we have already placed a large selection of images in our webshop. This selection is regularly updated. You can also use our framing service: you will receive the photos immediately framed at home: ready to hang or to give as a gift.

Photo not directly available in the webshop?

Is your chosen photo not in this top selection? Then you can request your prefered digital or baryta print via our online image bank. Open the photo of your choice and then click the shopping cart icon. This sends an e-mail to our photo sales department. In this email you can further specify your preferences.

Baryta print (hand printed)

Baryta prints are unique, as they are printed by hand in the darkroom of the Nederlands Fotomuseum. The special thing about this way of printing is that the photo is printed exactly as the photographer originally intended. This is only possible if it is a black and white photo and if a negative is present. Printing is done directly from the original negative on so-called baryta paper. This is the highest quality photo paper. Barite prints come in three standard sizes (factory sizes) 30x40 cm, 40x50 cm and 50x60 cm. There are exceptions to this. See formats in the Price list.


After purchasing a baryta print you can have the print framed. You can have this done by a framer of your choice. A barite print can react to various environmental factors and thereby discolor or distort. We have a number of recommendations and instructions for sustainable framing. You can also have the framing done by our framer. You can contact our sales department.

Using photos in publications

The Nederlands Fotomuseum can supply photos for publications such as newspapers, magazines, books and exhibitions. The museum also manages the copyrights of many photographers in the collection. Read more

*With the exception of the photos by photographers Ed van der Elsken, Sanne Sannes, Diana Blok and Marlo Broekmans.

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