Exactly 99 images from the photographic oeuvre of Hans Aarsman can be downloaded free of charge from www.downloadhansaarsman.nl, provided they are for private use only.  This includes virtually all photographs from his two photograph books  Aarsman’s Amsterdam and  Hollandse Taferelen (Dutch landscapes), as well as his other projects like Oost-Duitsland (East Germany) and Openbare Rituelen (Public Rituals).  The 300 dpi images (approx 20MB) measure approximately 35x50cm.  Aarsman’s hope is that more photographers will follow his example and make their work freely available.

Hans Aarsman has always struggled with the idea of selling photographs.  Why should a print cost the earth? Hence, he has never restricted access to any of this work. “Why would you?  With a medium that is so easily distributed, that would be like walking with a bike,” he feels. The question how much people should pay for a print is simply of no interest to him. So when the Nederlands Fotomuseum approached him about acquiring a print series of his most important work, he seized the opportunity to insist they be made available free of charge, via the museum’s website.

The photographs are free, but exclusively for private use. This includes their use for educational purposes, Powerpoint presentations, essays and dissertations. Please contact our photography sales team if you wish to use the photographs for any other purpose.

Professional printing
Our webshop has a selection of Hans Aarsman photographs available for purchase.  These digital prints on HP Satin paper measure 40x50cm and cost €50.

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If you would like to purchase any other Hans Aardman prints, please email your request to fotoverkoop@nederlandsfotomuseum.nl

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