Anaïs López | The Migrant

The Nederlands Fotomuseum is proud to present photographer Anaïs López’s multimedia project The Migrant in collaboration with Prospektor. López uses photography, audio, video and text to take you on a unique journey revolving around a black bird known as the Javan Mynah.

Anaïs López first came across the Mynah in a Singapore hotel room in 2012. A type of starling native to Java (Indonesia), the bird was introduced into Singapore in the early twentieth century. It was then in demand as an exotic pet with a lovely singing voice. Today, it is reviled, persecuted and even killed by local people.

Intrigued, Anaïs López set out to discover more. The result is an account of the bird’s turbulent history. Her narrative raises wider issues, such as the sometimes fraught relationship between mankind and the animal world, the consequences of rapid urbanization and the situation of outsiders in society.

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