The Collection illuminated ... by Artificial Intelligence

At the same time as the exhibition NOWHERE, The Collection illuminated by… artificial intelligence opens. It's the eighth edition of the series De Collection illuminated by... This time it is not a photographer who makes a choice from the rich collection of the Nederlands Fotomuseum, but the selection is created using artificial intelligence.

By engaging smart computer software as a 'guest curator', the software makes independent image choices based on instructions - also called the 'algorithm' - made by Frank van der Salm. He has taken certain characteristics of his own work as a starting point.

De collectie belicht door artificiele intelligentie nederlands fotomuseum

With this presentation, the Nederlands Fotomuseum investigates the important role that artificial intelligence can play in image selection. This doesn't just apply to the World Wide Web, where billions of images circulate. Museums and archives that manage large image collections can use artificial intelligence to make them more accessible. This includes the Nederlands Fotomuseum own collection consisting of over 5.6 million images. Time-consuming, manual description is then no longer necessary. It is interesting and exciting that artificial intelligence can not only 'describe' and retrieve images, but can also discover information and connections that elude the human eye and brain.

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