• 6 September - 2 November 2014


From 6 September to 2 November 2014, the Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the work of the five nominees for the Steenbergen Grant 2014. The Steenbergen Grant is the leading prize for young photographic talent in the Netherlands. 

Last summer, the jury of the Steenbergen Grant visited the final exam exhibitions of various art academies in the Netherlands in order to choose five (photo) projects. These projects are now on show in a group exhibition in the Nederlands Fotomuseum from 6 September to 2 November 2014. 

On October 15, the jury of the Steenbergen Grant crowned Olya Oleinic with her project The Universal Guide to Everything as the winner of the Steenbergen Grant 2014. The jury praised Oleinic's motivation for researching the discipline of photography. In her project, Oleinic depicts how knowledge on the Internet grows and deforms into a new reality by random accumulations and cross-references. She simulates this process by presentich a wall full of postcards made out of strange, unrecognisable objects. 
The public prize of the Steenbergen Grant 2014 went to Carilijne Pieters with her project Love is Everything, Don't You Think? 

The other three nominees are: 
- Ad van der Koog (1962), Winterreise, www.ljuxx.com   
   St. Joost Academy of Art and Design, Breda
- Jannemarein Renout (1969), Scan2400, www.jannemareinrenout.nl 

     Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
- Lisa-Marie Vlietstra (1990), KIJK EENS NAAR MIJ / LOOK AT ME,         www.lisamarievlietstra.tumblr.com 
     Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

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