• 15 Oct - 22 Apr 2022

Starring Chas Gerretsen

Right before fall this year, the Nederlands Fotomuseum will present the first retrospective exhibition of Chas Gerretsen’s work: Starring Chas Gerretsen. A world premiere! Chas Gerretsen’s body of work has been housed in the Nederlands Fotomuseum archives since the early nineties. The exhibition will feature famous photographs as well as works that have never been exhibited previously.

Dennis Hopper during the shooting of the film 'Apocalypse Now', Philippines (1976) © Chas Gerretsen / Nederlands Fotomuseum

Charles (Chas) Gerretsen (1943) is an exceptional photographer. He worked as a war photographer in Vietnam during the late 1960s and was on the scene in 1973 during the coup d’état against President Allende in Chile. Chas Gerretsen is the only Dutch national to have been awarded the prestigious Robert Capa Gold Medal for courage and enterprise. Later, Chas Gerretsen moved to Hollywood where he photographed stars such as John Travolta. He was also the on­set still photographer for Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola’s cinematic masterpiece. In this film, Dennis Hopper plays the role of a war photographer, based on the life of Chas Gerretsen. In 1989, Chas Gerretsen decided to retire from his photographic career. Since then, he has been travelling the world on his yacht that is currently docked in Grenada.

The photographer is actively involved with the exhibition and is currently working on supplying additional information about his photos. Chas can be followed via Twitter and Instagram.

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