• 27 September 2020

  • 10:45 AM - 5:00 PM

Pop-up studio | 15 minutes with Shadman Shahid

This awful corona time makes it very difficult and complicated for photographers to do their job. That is why we came up with a concept in which we offer photographers the opportunity to open their own pop-up studio. You can have a portrait made in 15 minutes for 50 euros. Due to the rising number of corona infections, the concept of 'Fifteen minutes with ...' has taken a slightly different turn. To ensure safety, we portray remotely via webcam. The proceeds go to the photographer and you will receive a special portrait. Would you like to be portrayed in a unique way? Continue reading to find out how exactly this digital pop-up studio works.

© Shadman Shahid

Shooting portraits with a twist
On Sunday September 27, photographer Shadman Shahid will open his digital pop-up studio. You don't have to leave the house for this digital photo session! You will receive a link and a time slot where you can participate in the online photo session. Shadman takes the photos through webcam. You will be given instructions on how to sit and how to look into the camera. After the session, he will create a digital collage inspired by the style of Picasso and Braque, two great artists who represent Cubism. With his special style, Shadman creates a portrait that exists beyond natural time and space. 

Portrait (incl. delivery costs) 50 euro.
The payment goes through a Tikkie.

Shadman Shahid is born and raised in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. His work is about the precarity of the corporeal and the spiritual human conditions in contemporary society. He is currently based in the Netherlands, working on his personal projects, while teaching at the Royal Academy of Art in Hague. He obtained a Master in photography and society from the same institute. Prior to moving to the Netherlands, he was a lecturer at the Pathshala South Asian Media Institute for three years, from where he also obtained his Professional Photography degree in 2015. He obtained a Master in photography and society from the same institute. His photographic works have brought him a few accolades including World Press Photo’s Joop Swart Masterclass, Burn emerging photographer of the year in 2018 and Winner of Bird in Flight prize 2019. He is currently being represented by East Wing Gallery.

Would you like to be portrayed by Shadman Shahid? Are you curious about what he sees in you and how he captures it? You can now register at: ebal@nederlandsfotomuseum.nl stating "portrait Shadman".

Please read our safety measures before visiting the museum. 

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