• 19 January 2018

  • 6 - 8 p.m.

  • Wilhelminakade 332, Rotterdam

Opening Unwired Jacqueline Hassink | The Collection Illuminated by Charlotte Dumas

The director of the Nederlands Fotomuseum is pleased to invite you to attend the opening of:

Jacqueline Hassink

What does it feel like to live without telephone and WiFi connections – to be ‘unwired’? The exhibition Unwired confronts us with our smartphone addiction and appeals to our fundamental need for mental rest.  

For Unwired, Jacqueline Hassink roamed the world in search of ‘white spots’, where there is no digital connectivity of any kind. She photographed places like the remote primeval forests on the Japanese island of Yakushima, the Svalbard Islands in the Arctic Ocean and the mountains of Iceland, but also visited a ‘digital detox’ spa in Germany, where clients are artificially shielded from the digital world. Contrasting sharply with these tranquil places, Hassink has taken portraits of people glued to their smart- phones in the metro.

The Collection Illuminated
by Charlotte Dumas 

For the exhibition series The Collection Illuminated by... the Nederlands Fotomuseum has invited photographer Charlotte Dumas to guest-curate an exhibition of her personal choice of images from the museum's rich and varied collection. Dumas has selected fifteen photographs that she finds inspiring or personally significant. Like her own work, this selection shows Dumas' fascination with the relationship between people and animals. It will include, for example, photos by Martien Coppens, Ed van der Elsken, Cas Oorthuys and Richard Tepe. With personal comments accompanying each photo, the intimate exhibition will cast new light on the collection and, at the same time, give a clear impression of wat motivates Dumas as a photographer. 

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