Nowhere - Imagining The Global City - Frank van der Salm

In collaboration with Paradox, the Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the exhibition NOWHERE – Imagining The Global City, featuring work from photographer Frank van der Salm. Urban development as an expression of our time forms the central theme of his work. Increasingly, the image evoked by the architecture – its “Instagrammability” – is more important than the user or resident’s experience. Visual culture is the creative force driving our new reality.

Megalopolis NOWHERE Nederlands Fotomuseum Frank van der Salm
Megalopolis  © Frank van der Salm

A video wall of urban dimensions driven by artificial intelligence (AI) forms the fascinating translation of Van der Salm’s vision on this theme. Aided by this form of technology, through experimentation the projection brings forward the underlying links between the works he has created over the past twenty-five years. Behind the wall, which radically splits the exhibition hall in two, a selection of some fifteen original photography and video works is presented. The composition of this collection changes every five weeks.

The book of the same name, NOWHERE – Imagining The Global City, designed by Irma Boom, will be available at Paradox and Hartmann Books. In essays by Shumon Basar (UK), Aaron Betsky (US) and Urs Stahel (CH), photography, design, architecture, and philosophy are brought together. 

NOWHERE Imagining the Global City Frank van der Salm Nederlands Fotomuseum

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