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Night In / Day Out: AREA 22

From 30 October till 17 December 2022, the Nederlands Fotomuseum and the Dutch Academy for Film and Photography present a selection from the AREA 22 exhibition on the windows of the museum. Four recently graduated students of the bachelor degree in Applied Photography have been selected with their graduation works. The name of the exhibition is an anagram of the four locations: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Apeldoorn. AREA 22 is part of the project Night In / Day Out, in which artworks are projected on the windows of the Nederlands Fotomuseum from sunset to sunrise. With this project, the museum offers a museum platform to emerging photography talent. 

AREA 22 shows work by Djala Baar, Tijmen Berens, Merel Hegenbart and Kayley van Rossum. The selection was made by Roline Vroege, senior lecturer at the Academy, alumna Steffi Reimers and Aya Musa, programmer at the Nederlands Fotomuseum. In their work, the four artists all deal with timeless subjects in a highly topical context. With a variety of themes and a diverse approach, the makers each show visual stories that matter, accurately and honestly showing the world as it should be seen. 

About the projects

Djala Baar – The power of silence
For this project, Djala set out to find a piece of Indonesia in the Netherlands. From her perspective as a third generation ‘Indo’, she visualized how memories of a former homeland are passed on from generation to generation. Not always by talking, but by being, feeling and experiencing. 

Tijmen Berens –  Надія
Надія (hope) is a documentary series about a family who have fled the war in Ukraine and have had to adapt to a new reality in the Netherlands, while their hearts and minds are still in Ukraine. It is an inspiring story of their courage, strength, and resilience. 

Captivated by the free personality of the Croatian woman Doro, Merel makes an unconscious attempt to document every moment she and Doro share. Two years later, the triangular relationship between Doro, Merel and the camera changes when Doro returns to Croatia. Through self-portraits, Merel starts looking for her own freedom. 

Kayley van Rossum - Angina Pectoris Prinzmetal
With her project Angina Pectoris Prinzmetal, Kayley portrays the years of frustration she, and many other women, have experienced in the world of cardiology. Not being heard or understood as a young woman by doctors who mainly have knowledge of the male heart was the reason for this autonomous project. 

About the bachelor degree Applied Photography
The bachelor degree in Applied Photography is an officially recognized bachelor degree of the Fotovakschool, one of the three faculties of the Dutch Academy for Film and Photography. This degree is based on three pillars: concept, technique and entrepreneurship.  

The Dutch Academy for Film and Photography has four locations: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Apeldoorn. The graduation show is a joint exhibition. Its name AREA is an anagram of the four locations and takes place in Loods 6, Amsterdam for the second consecutive year. 

Night In / Day Out
When the night falls, the Nederlands Fotomuseum sheds its light on rising photography talent. Night In / Day Out is a project in which artworks are projected on the windows of the museum from sunset to sunrise. During the winter time with long nights, 3 different exhibits are on display, free of charge, for anyone walking, driving or cycling by. The project started in 2020 and included exhibitions by Angèle Etoundi Essamba, Moritz Ebinger and Muhcine Ennou.

AREA 22 is a collaboration with: 

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