The Collection Illuminated by Bertien van Manen

For the sixth show in this series of The Collection Illuminated by ... exhibitions, the Nederlands Fotomuseum has invited photographer Bertien van Manen (The Hague, 1942) to act as guest-curator and make a personal selection of works from the museum’s rich and varied collection. Van Manen selected fifteen images that she finds inspirational or important.

In the course of selecting the photographs, Van Manen became fascinated by the work of Lucebert (1924 – 1994) and Paul Citroen (1896 – 1983). For her, it is mainly about the intrinsic strength and immediate impact of the images.

With personal comments accompanying each photograph, this intimate presentation casts new light on the collection while at the same time offering the public a clear idea of Van Manens own motivations as a photographer.

For the exhibition series The Collection Illuminated by... we let guest-curators have a look at our rich photography collection. Van Manen was preceded by photographers/artists Vincent Mentzel, Stephan Vanfleteren, Eddy Posthuma de Boer, Jan Cremer and Charlotte Dumas.

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