The discovery of the so-called Höcker Album in September 2007 made headlines all over the world. From the start, visual artist Annette Behrens was intrigued by the unique photo album: it is the first album ever to show the living conditions and leisure activities of Nazis who were posted to Auschwitz concentration camp during World War II. Owner of the album was SS officer Karl-Friedrich Höcker (1911 – 2000), who worked in Auschwitz as the commandant's aide-de-camp in 1944. The album contains 116 photos from this period showing, among other things, outings by Höcker together with fellow camp personnel and top-ranking officers of the Nazi regime.

From May 30th until August 23, the Nederlands Fotomuseum presents Behrens' intensive search for more information surrounding Höcker's identity. In the exhibition Behrens gives the historical visual material with regard to this man a prominent place. Also, the confrontation with her own German background comes to the surface during her research.

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