Nederlands fotomuseum developed a useful data base for institutions that conserve, restore and research daguerreotypes: . This data base, called the Daguerreobase, will enable the exchange of information. The goal is to collect as much information as possible in order to arrive at an historical overview of this earliest form of photography. In the future it will be possible to more accurately date new acquisitions or discoveries, and it will be easier to assign a place or photographer to the daguerreotype.

With photos
The data base comprises at the moment about three hundred daguerreotypes. It includes a special section Assessment, in which is described if photographs are treated. All the important components of the daguerreotype process have been photographed and are included in the data base. The Daguerreobase is in English.

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“This project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community”

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