The Nederlands Fotomuseum collects and administers complete archives of Dutch photographers. In addition, the museum has an active acquisition policy. A selection of recent acquisitions is presented below. You can click on most of these to go to the digital presentation on the museum website. These acquisitions have been made possible with the support of the Mondriaan Fund, the Wertheimer Fund and the BankGiro Lottery.

Acquisitions 2009
  Book Oog om oog (1964) by Sanne Sannes
  Book Why Mister Why? Iraq 2003-2004 (2004) by Geert van Kesteren
•  Film Phantom by Roy Villevoye
Presentation: Film lounge in the Nederlands Fotomuseum
  Book Kerven (2000) by Roy Villevoye
  Book Van de Tijd en de Tropen - Honduras (2002) by Hannes Wallrafen
  Photo project The originality of the avant-garde and other modern myths (former Central Post Office Rotterdam, 2008) by Susanne Kriemann

presentation: web exhibition
  Book Portraits & camera's 1949-2009 by Hans Eijkelboom

Analogue and digital sequel to Biography 1949-1996 (Provincial Museum for Photography, Antwerp). The Nederlands Fotomuseum acquired a portfolio with 60 prints in an edition of four copies - presentation: web exhibition
  Book Bouwlust (1999) by Theo Baart

Presentation: pictures and book complete online

Acquisitions 2008
  Book project Every Week a New Book (2007) by Wil van Iersel
Presentation: exhibition (2008) and as web project in which a different book is shown on the homepage every week (2009)
  Book Bertien van Manen's Honderd Zomers, Honderd Winters (1994)
Presentation: pictures and book complete online
  Interactive version of the book Any Resemblance to Existing Persons is Purely Coincidental.
Stories of Mr. Wood. Bombay - Los Angeles (2006) by Vanessa van Dam and Martine Stig
On the basis of a scenario, Stig and Van Dam visited Bombay and Los Angeles looking for the fictive 'Mr. Wood'. This digital version allows the viewer to see and compare the visual results of the quest for Mr. Wood. 
Presentation: exhibition (2008)
  Collectie Andy Warhol by Loodwicks Press Images

Presentation: exhibition (2008)

Acquisitions 2007
  Books Hollandse Taferelen (1989) by Hans Aarsman and his Aarsman's Amsterdam (1997)
Presentation: pictures and books complete online in combination with free download and book-signing action (2007), see web article
  Giflandschap. Vervuilde locaties en landschappen in Nederland (1992) by Wout Berger. Complete set of prints from this important book 
Presentation: pictures and book complete online
  Go No Go (2003) by Ad van Denderen
Presentation: pictures and book complete online
•  Diergaarde Blijdorp by Helena van der Kraan. With a view to publication (as yet unrealized), she made a unique series of colour photos of animals and visitors in Diergaarde Blijdorp (zoo) in 2001-02.
Presentation: web exhibition

Previous years 
•  Schone Schijn (2002) by Hannes Wallrafen, DVD acquired
  Postlatent. Onbedoelde fotografie (2002) by Loodwicks Press Images

  Broedplaats Europoort v/h De Beer (2005) by Paul Bogaers

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