The Nederlands Fotomuseum has determined the following mission:

Visual stories that matter

We safeguard the Netherlands’ current and future photographic heritage and make it relevant to today’s international context. In doing so, we exhibit photography that reflects the world we live in and share it with society in order to enrich people’s lives with visual stories that matter. We also bring the photography of the past to the present, in order to understand the present and conquer the future.


The vision is based on the Fotomuseum’s mission and core values, and it also takes external influences and the most significant stakeholders into consideration.

Our goal is to become the number one international platform for photography from the Netherlands; the undisputed knowledge and debating centre for collection management, presentation and discussion of and about photography from the Netherlands. We want our unique collection to be a mirror image of Dutch photography. In order to achieve that, we collect, register, restore, and manage photographs with the utmost care and with the use of innovative techniques. We want everybody to feel welcome and understand the significance of what the museum does, even with those who are not typical visitors of the museum. We select those photographers who are distinctive, who question the world. We want to offer and keep offering these photographers a platform where they can share their stories with the public through exhibitions, debates, etcetera. We are the ambassadors for photographers from the Netherlands in our own country and abroad.

Gebouw Las Palmas Statendam 1 (Wilhelminapier), Rotterdam +31 (0)10 203 04 05 info@nederlandsfotomuseum.nl

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